Friday, 30 July 2021

"थाली ". नवगीत

कैसी यह दुनिया, कैसा संसार
रहना यहाँ संभल कर 

दूर रहो ऐसे लोगों से 
लूटते बनाकर जो अपना 
खाते हैं जिस भी थाली में वोह 
करेंगे छेद वहाँ पर

नहीं भरोसे के काबिल 
करते अपना वोह उल्लू सीधा 
लुढकते रहते 
थाली में बैंगन जैसे 
इधर कभी उधर
उधर कभी इधर

चलते बनते वहाँ से वोह 
मतलब निकल जाने के बाद 
जिंदगी में साथ निभाए जो 
थामना हाथ उसका पहचान कर 
मिल जाए जो साथी ऐसा जीवन में
बन जाएगा फिर  सफ़र सुहाना
बन जायेगा फिर सफ़र सुहाना

रेखा जोशी 

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

डूबना इश्क में नहीं हमें किनारा चाहिए

पास रहना तुम सदा तेरा सहारा चाहिए
खूबसूरत जीवन का हमें नज़ारा चाहिए

प्यार में सबने पिया है जाम उल्फत का सजन
डूबना इश्क में नहीं हमें किनारा चाहिए

खूबसूरत ये नज़ारे अब बुला हमको रहें
आज हाथों में हमारे हाथ तुम्हारा चाहिए

चाहतों ने अब हमारी इस कदर मारा हमें
ढूंढ कर तुम उन पलों को फिर दोबारा दीजिए

तुम मिले जो है हमारी खूबसूरत ज़िन्दगी
भूल कर दर्द ओ ग़म जीवन सँवारा कीजिये

रेखा जोशी

Tuesday, 27 July 2021


काली घटाएं
है मौसम सुहाना
मेघा  गरजे
खिली बगिया
हरियाली छा रही
सावन आया
गरजे घन
बदरा बरसते
थिरके तन
घिर के आई
है कारी बदरिया
फुहार ठंडी

रेखा जोशी

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

We and our elderly folks

Believe it or not, however what to do older guardians are additionally constrained by the propensity, their folks likewise did what they are doing now, yet the circumstances are different, the present old guardians didn't talk before their seniors, they an excessive number of Things appeared terrible to his elderly folks, yet that time was with the end goal that he used to acknowledge numerous things regardless of whether he would not like to, I don't know whether he used to regard them on account of regard or due to the general public, in some cases he used to take his brain. used to be pitiful 

These days the circumstances are different and it is something similar from one age to another, where does the present age pay attention to their folks, these days youngsters have a response for all that which at times even damages their older guardians, that is the reason Elders ought to likewise comprehend that don't meddle much in the question of kids, that is the reason these days kids need to carry on with their life as their own, regardless of how much the old guardians make, kids will would what they like to do on the grounds that They are not monetarily subject to their seniors and either don't have the foggiest idea how to regard or they love their folks as their own. 

That is the reason older folks ought to likewise deal with themselves, deal with their wellbeing and pay attention to kids as well, however let them carry on with their lives as per them. 

Rekha Joshi

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Journey of a leaf

Journey of a leaf

Leaf once was part of a tree
Green colour
Shinning in sunlight
Fluttering with cool cool brezee
As if dancing
With the branches of a tree
But had to struggle
Sometimes with stormy winds
And forced to leave the tree
Here and there on earth
With immense pain in heart
Leaving the tree forever
After completing its journey

Rekha Joshi

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

How to increase your mental power

Medically and scientifically it has been proven that if you are happy for 48 hours. without a single moment of anger, worry and restlessness, you can increase. your mental ability

 Your body and mind will function optimally.  Everything will change for you but along with this you also have to take care of some things which are as follows:-

No smoking

 Gotta quit smoking.  The mental power of the smokers is greatly reduced.

Nutritious food

 20% of our food goes to nourish the brain, so we have to pay attention to nutritious food as well.

Increase the efficiency of brain

 We have to talk more than before, due to this the brain cells remain active and their efficiency increases.  Thinking is a kind of exercise for our brain. 

 Keep your mind busy with intellectual tasks

 The mind will always have to be kept busy in those tasks which require intelligence., like quiz solving, Sudoku etc.  Due to which maximum part of your brain will be active.

Learning new language

 It is  proven that learning a new language helps to improve people's thinking skills and memory abilities. Bilingual students can concentrate better, ignoring distractions more effectively than those who only speak one language. “Because the language centers in the brain are so flexible, learning a second language can develop new areas of your mind and strengthen your brain's natural ability to focus." and hence increases your mental power.

Meditation increases mental power

Meditation quieting the mind and generates feelings of relaxation. The brain then sends signals of blissfulness to the entire body, which then reorganises itself into a restful and stress-free state.

"Instead of having brain matter generated through states of stress, meditation provides the brain with blissful experiences that increase the capability in every area," It is seen that  meditation enhance the

creative power, increases the  learning ability and intelligence. Meditation is not just a psychological or mood-enhancing tool but a way to grow and access more brain power."

 If the working capacity is increased to three hours instead of two hours, then your brain also responds to the increasing work by activating its dull parts, thereby increasing mental power

 So friends, keep all these things in your mind you can increase your mental power

Rekha Joshi