Sunday, 10 August 2014

Create your own future.

We live in present. Past is gone in the world of dreams and our dreams to be fulfilled lies in the lap of future. Our brain is always thinking one or the other thing when we are awake and in the state of sleep it takes us to the world of dreams. As said by the psychologists dreams are nothing but our unfulfilled desires and that to in abstract and complex form. It is observed by many of us that there are some significant dreams which have a great impact on our lives. The formula of benzene was seen by a scientist kekuly in the form of a hexagon ring of six snakes with tail of one in the mouth another in his dream. There are a number of examples where the dreams of many persons came true Is it the power of human brain to peep into the future? It is a known fact that our brain emits waves which can be measured by an instrument and the mapping of such waves is known as EEG which measures the frequency of brain waves. For the normal functioning of brain the frequency of waves is fourteen cycles per seconds which is reduced to seven cycles per second when we are asleep, the state of brain when we dream, where the rapid eye movement takes place. The deeper we are in sleep, the lesser is the frequency and the more relaxed a person is. The most important phase is that where the rapid eye movement takes place. It is observed that by meditation we can relax our mind achieve the phase of REM while we are awake and dream of whatsoever we want in our life, we will get success in that Such is the power of our brain, which can create our own future. So relax, think positive, dream your future and get success in your life..

Rekha Joshi

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